John C. Killian

for Union County Sheriff

I’ve proudly served Our country.
Now I am ready to proudly serve our Community!

    • 20 years in law enforcement
    • Union County native
    • Transparency in government
    • Community involvement

The Campaign

As a Union County local with 20 years of law enforcement experience, John C. Killian understands his community and is your best candidate for Sheriff.

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None of this will be possible without your help. Together we can get the word out for the 2024 election and make a difference in our community.

John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff

As your sheriff, John C. Killian will take on the most important issues surrounding our community. Let’s all work together to create a community we can all be proud of!

Transparency in Government

Keeping the community informed of what is going on within the Sheriff’s Office. The people in the county will be informed about where money is being spent. A detailed budget needs to be published on the county website for everyone to know why and where their money is being spent.

We will let the community know what is happening within the department. Promotions, community happenings, along with knowing each officer.

Public gatherings need to be held with the Sheriff and officers. That way the public can and will be heard about issues within the county. Without anyone being alienated and receiving equal protection no matter their views. Every citizen in Union County needs to be involved, this includes those who have moved in and have a residence in the county.

John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff

Community Involvement

Creating programs so the Sheriff’s Office and the public can work together. This includes programs to reach out to young people by creating an explorer academy and utilizing these young people to create positive influences in schools and out in the community.

Citizen’s academy for adults. This academy allows the community to work hand and hand with the Sheriff’s Office. These academies will also help with classes for senior adults who are targeted by swindles. This also helps officers identify where in the county needs a little more attention by making officers more visible in those areas.

Without the community’s trust and help the Sheriff’s Office is only stopping a fraction of the crimes that are being committed.

Mental Health

The Sheriff’s Office will be involved in training all officers in crisis intervention techniques. With the growing amount of population in the county and the growing number of mental health needs in the country. The Sheriff’s Office needs officers to be aware of how to handle these situations as they arrive. Knowledge of how to talk to these individuals and what may set the issue off. These classes will make these situations safer for the public and the officers. Identifying those who need more help than the Sheriff’s Office can give by working with mental health professionals.

John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff


Drugs are an issue no matter where you are in the country. My plan is to create a drug intervention task force. These officers will be focused on taking drugs and money out of the county by using training to identify vehicles on the highway that may be transporting the drugs and money. These individuals will be focused on drugs not speeding tickets. In order, to help this team I will focus on drugs grants to buy drug dogs and finding the right officers to handle the dogs. This is where the community needs to be involved. Who knows what is going on in their area better than the ones who live there?

Elder Abuse

The Sheriff’s Office will have zero tolerance for child or elder abuse in the county. As a Sheriff, it will be the responsibility to have an investigator to work closely with adult protection services and DFAC in order to charge these individuals.

John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff

Meet John C. Killian

John Christopher Killian, also known as Chris Killian, began his law enforcement career in 2003, with his employment with Corrections Corporation of America in Shelby, Montana as a Correctional Officer. In 2004 was promoted to Security Threat Groups (gang) investigator along with facility investigator. In 2004 he was also promoted to Sergeant overseeing Correctional Officers and 680 inmates. Chris also joined the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) to respond to riots and unruly inmates much like SWAT in the Police Force, going on to be the Assistant Commander in the National Special Operations Response Team. In 2005 he was promoted to lieutenant overseeing thirty officers and managing the operations of the facility.

In 2007, Chris ended his career with Corrections Corporation of America, and moved back home to Union County where he grew up. He had a couple of jobs one being with Coleman Cable making wire in Haysville, North Carolina, and one with a water bottling plant in Blairsville, Georgia driving a forklift loading truck.

By 2009 Chris joined the United States Army as a Health Care Specialist (Combat Medic) in 2/1 AD stationed out of Fort Bliss, Texas. From here he was promoted from Private First Class to Specialist. Taking over the position as squad leader and continuing to attend Sergeant Major Academy (Warrior Leadership Coarse).  In 2013 Chris was Honorably discharged.

In 2014 Chris returned to Shelby, Montana to work as a Correctional Officer at Core Civic. Later in the year changed facilities to work for Montana State Prison under Montana Department of Corrections, in Deer Lodge, Montana. In 2016 he was promoted to Case Manager helping inmates to complete the programs they needed to be released from prison, along with helping them to find a place to live and jobs. One of the responsibilities was to create parole reports for the parole board.

In 2018, Chris left Montana Department of Corrections to move back home once again to Union County.  Upon arriving back to the county, he gained employment at Ingles on the stock crew, until getting hired by Georgia Department of Corrections as a correctional officer at Caldwell Correctional Facility. While working, Chris made his way through Rienhardt University completing the state mandate course to work as a Deputy Sheriff. In June of 2021, Chris was hired by the Towns County Sheriff’s Office after graduation. In January 2022 changed authorities to work for Fannin County Sheriff’s Office, where he was promoted to Corporal in July of 2023.

Chris attended school and graduated from Union County High School in 1991. He began going to college at North Georgia Technical College studying Criminal Justice in 2008, before joining the United States Army in 2009.  While in the military began going to Ashford University finishing his Batchelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. In 2016, Chris again went back to college attending the University of Phoenix. There he obtained his master’s degree in public administration in Security and Justice.

John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff
John C. Killian for Union County Sheriff



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